Lorelei Hedgehog loves books, but what happens when she falls asleep reading and ends up in a story of her own?

Her imagination is going full steam!
Let's see what's inside of Lorelei's dream.

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Praise for Lorelei

Celine S., age 2, says: "I love Lo’lai! Hug! big hug! Mommy, please read again…Thank you Mommy…"

Marge C. S., mother of Celine S. writes: "The story book is very easy to read, words that rhyme and has very creative illustrations. Great work of art for children."

Alyssa R., age 7, writes: "This book is funny and COOL and has a really good ending!"

Anna B., age 10, writes: "It is a good book, it rhymes! I really liked the part with the dragon nip it was funny. It has really good Pictures"

Tina Rogers, head librarian of Krum ISD, writes: "Lorelei Has A Dream is a delightful children's book that pre-schoolers and their parents will enjoy reading together. It has a wonderful little character, Lorelei, a hedgehog who is adventuresome if it is only in her dreams. I found the artwork a perfect compliment to go with this rhyming book."

Kathryn Becker, former president of the El Paso School Board, writes: "My oldest grandson has memorized it! Plus, it looks very cute on iBooks (neat illustrations)."